Cattle Contest

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Entries for the 2018 Flint Hills Beef Fest are underway. For 2018 each operation will be allocated one pen (steers or heifers). Please enter your first choice. Any additional desired entries from the same operation (i.e, same or different family member names) will be compiled on March 9, 2018.

Entries will be limited to 37 Pens Steers, 34 Pens Heifers.

Cattle are to arrive processed, branded, and with the Individual Beef Fest visual tags already in the ear (distributed after the random drawing from forms received by March 9). Cattle will be received and tagged with EID’s at Emporia Livestock Sales on Saturday, April 28, 2018. If you would like to ensure your pen is part of the 2018 contest, please complete the entry form and send a check to the address on the form. Or, you can stop by and enter in person at Frontier Farm Credit or the Lyon County Extension Office.

2019 Flint Hills Beef Fest Cattle Entry Form

The Grass Futurity is a weight gain contest for stocker cattle that runs from approximately April 30, 2018 through August 16, 2018. The pen of 3 cattle in each division, steer and heifer, with the greatest adjusted gain on grass is the winner.

Check out the Flint Hill Beef Fest cattle contest brochure for more information.


Complete results for both the steer and heifer divisions for grass and grandstand 2018 contests:

2018 Heifer Grass-Grandstand Beef Fest Results

2018 Steer Grass-Grandstand Beef Fest Results