We look forward to having our annual Summer Flint Hills Beef Fest activities again in 2021. Mark your calendars for August 20-22 and stay tuned for more information.

Due to the continuing challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and concern for the general health and well-being of the community, the Flint Hills Beef Fest committee made the difficult decision to cancel the Flint Hills Beef Fest Winter Feedlot and Carcass Awards Celebration. The Feedlot and Carcass portion of the contest has concluded and the results have been sent to cattle owners by mail. A summary of the results along with recognition for our 2020 sponsors has been published in the Flint Hills Shopper, Farm Talk, and Grass and Grain Publications. A special thanks to all of our 2020 Sponsors for making this event possible. Please check them out on the Sponsors Page.

For the top 5 placings in the Grass Futurity, Grandstand, Feedlot, Carcass, and Overall contest results, please see the cattle contest page. Congratulations to the winners for 2020 Feedlot Awards is shown below,

2020 Winter Awards

The heifers and steers were taken off grass in August and sent to the feedlot where they remained until harvest in January. The average daily gain for the Steers and Heifers at the feedlot were 4.285 and 4.102 pounds per day respectively. The winners for the rate of gain and carcass merit competitions are,

Feedlot Gain

  • Feedlot Gain (Steers): Woodbury Farms, John and Howard Woodbury, Quenemo
  • Feedlot Gain (Heifers): Brandon Litch, Melvern


  • Carcass (Steers): Plum Creek Ranch, Kevin and Gwen Wellnitz, Neosho Rapids
  • Carcass (Heifers): Loomis Ranch, Jason Loomis and Justin Loomis, Council Grove

Overall Gain

  • Overall Gain (Steers): Spring Creek Ranch, Joe and Debbie Reinert, Cassoday
  • Overall Gain (Heifers): Spring Creek Ranch, Joe and Debbie Reinert, Cassoday

Thanks to our Top Sponsors for making this years event possible.


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